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#1 Multi-room experience in Gilbert, AZ

You will not want to go back to traditional escape rooms ever again.

We are escape room lovers just like you, so we know how a good experience should be like.

What is an escape room?

It is a unique real-life escape game in which you will experience exciting emotions of being part of an adventure movie.


It is perfect for families, friends and co-workers.

Escape Room Puzzle

Pick your Adventure

Amazon Rainforest Escape Game

4-8 players

Survive a plane crash and find the roses of eternal youth.

Sinopsis: Deep within the Ecuadorian Rainforest you discovered a miraculous rose that some believe could extend a person’s life indefinitely. However, trouble ensues on the flight home and you and your team of researches are forced to make an emergency landing.


4-8 players

Come back to reality before you end up becoming an experiment

Sinopsis: You and your friends were returning home from a long night of stargazing. As you were beginning to discuss what is beyond the stars, your vehicle is struck by a blinding white light. Everything becomes blurry, and your group passes out. When you awaken you are in a strange environment. Something out of this world has put you here. Is this an experiment?

Gravitational Effect Escape Game

Why choose us?

Private Rooms



Multiple Rooms



High Technology



Kids Friendly



Only 1% of our clues are padlocks - We give you a high quality experience!

- And this is WHY we are not on Groupon -

What do escapers say about us?

Joel Veach

I've been to several escape rooms in the East Valley and this is by far my favorite. Multiple rooms, variety of puzzles that were unique, and great decor.

Lindsey Johnson

We have been to multiple escape rooms and this was by far the best one. All employees were very professional and organized.

Orton Family

I would highly recommend. Multiple room progression, very few combination locks, many of the puzzles were physical challenges, great staff. Worth the money!

Marty, B

Very clever, well done, and unexpected!!
2 of our group have been to other escape rooms and said this one is definitely the best!

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