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Did you know that solving puzzles will have a positive impact in your team's overall performance?

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Solving puzzles increases the dopamine production in your brain which helps your team to feel motivated and optimistic.

Lower Stress Levels

External worries and stress disappear because your brain gets into the "Alpha" state, therefore is more relaxed, calm and serene.



It resets your brain so it is easier to concentrate and enhance the ability to solve problems faster and more effective.



Escape rooms are a great way to interact with others. It allows your team to work together and improve their communication and collaborative skills.

Choose your challenge

Survive a plane crash and find the roses of eternal youth

2-8 players

Come back to reality before you end up in an experiment

2-8 players

"I was very impressed with this place! Not only are the rooms challenging and fun, but they are also active and interactive. Great teamwork and puzzle solving activity!"

- Abigail Camisso -

Get more than just 1 hour of fun!

Pictures and videos included

Team's Performance Evaluation

Only $50 per team.

Debriefing Session

$20 for 20 minute session. (Limited seating)

Coffee Break 

$15 per participant.

Meet the team builder!

Hi! I'm Aly and is my pleasure to be serving you.

  • 5 years of experience in Team Development.

  • Entrepreneur and Business Adviser.

  • 5+ years experience in escape room industry.

  • Escape game creator and developer.

  • B.A. in Hospitality Business Administration


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